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Human resource is the first resource of enterprise development.The company firmly establishes the talent concept of "people-oriented, virtue and integrity", and is committed to realizing the high unification of the enterprise's all-round development and the realization of employee value.

By establishing a perfect human resource management system, establish and improve the discovery, selection and appointment of personnel evaluation, performance evaluation incentive constraint mechanisms, such as efforts to create "stage), career achievements, motivating mechanism, encouraging remuneration, emotional care for people" good atmosphere, the smooth realization of the goal for the company's overall development strategy to provide a strong talent guarantee and intellectual support.

  • Principle of choose and employ persons

    Virtue is a combination of both the world and the old.

  • Concept of choose and employ persons

    A diploma is more about competence, more competence, more competence and more contribution.

  • The selection principle of

    Fair competition and survival of the fittest, people can enter, the position can be promoted, the income can be low energy.