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2 Large-scale Projects Commence in Yichang Xingfa Fine Chemicals Industrial-park

November 14, 2014

Recently, Our Group’s 2 large-scale projects began construction, they are the 1st session of the project (the expansion version) of 100, 000 tons Glyphosate in Tech Grade per year and the project (the expansion version) of 40, 000 tons Glycine, when competed, the advantages of large-scale production & recycling-economy will be obviously promoted and enhanced.

The product of Glyphosate is a kind of non-selective herbicide belongs to the catalog of organophosphates with features of high-effectiveness, low mammalian toxicity, and no-residue, which ranks one of the most widely used, the fastest increasing herbicides worldwide. Taisheng Co., (one of Xingfa Group’s subsidiaries, located in Yichang Park, too) began the construction of the 1st session of production line since 2006, after multi-round expansions and technical transformations, currently its annual production-abilities have already reached to 70,000 tons, which is also in great advantages of production-costs & environment-protection for the sake of its recycling-economy running. When referring-to the 1st session of the project (the expansion version) of 100, 000 tons Glyphosate in Tech Grade per year, whose total investment will amount to 680 million RMB, which continues to adopt the Glycine-methods that is the earliest-in-China as well as the ripest-in-technology production technique, which shall be established and put into utilization in Oct., 2015 with 386 total employees and 1.683 billion RMB annual sales revenue. When completed, whose total annual production-abilities will accumulate to 130, 000 tons, which shall further bring along so many existing production devices, such as the production device of Ionic Membrane Caustic Soda, the production device of Glycine, and the production device of Organosilicone & Hotspots for the sake of fully-running of the existing production-abilities & the maximization to the economic advantages of the recycling-economy inside the Yichang Park.

The product of Glycine is ranked as one of the most encouraging intermediates for important organic chemicals by Chinese Government, which is also used as the main raw materials for the production of Glyphosate as well as the chemical raw materials in multi-functional purposes. Jinxin Chemicals Co., (one of Xingfa Group’s subsidiaries, located in Yichang Park, too) began the construction of the 1st set of Glycine production device in 2009, currently whose annual production-abilities have already reached to 60, 000 tons, which have also achieved so many other breakthroughs, such as the management & controlling in techniques and the processing-level for “Three Wastes (Waste Gases, Waste Water, and Waste Solids)”are far-advanced among peer manufacturers. For the project (the expansion version) of 40, 000 tons Glycine, whose total evaluated investment amounts to 160 million RMB, which continues to adopt the production technique of ripest Glycine- Decomposition Methods in China, which shall be established and put-into-utilization in Sep., 2015 with 170 total employees and 408 million RMB total annual sales revenues. When completed, Jinxin Chemicals Co.,’s annual production-abilities for Glycine will be increasing to 100, 000 tons, whose device-capacities & economic-profits will also be placed on the forefront of China’s domestic industry.

In order to make sure the constructing projects being built-up with highest-quality and most-effectiveness, we have separately established the Department of Construction and the Department of Projects which is being fully-organized by all kinds of talents from various existing departments within our Yichang Park, belonging-to the Department of Techniques & Equipement & Electrical-engineering & Instruments & Civil-engineering & Safety and Environment-protection & Archives, whose duties are responsible for the supervision & monitoring upon the budget funds & the planning and solutions & the specific construction during the process of the construction, for which we have continuously strengthened the work of communication & coordination with the units in charge of Construction & Designation & Supervision with the constantly optimized Designation & Schemes for the assurance of quality-in-projects; for which we have also paid especially attention to the safety matters in all fields by the implementation of the Safety Responsibility System during the process of construction; in the meantime, we have vigorously improved the constructing-technology and automation degrees during the process of construction (the expansion version) by extracting sound experiences and good lessons from the 1st session of device-construction of the project of Glyphosate & Glycine, which is aiming at the improvement of its comprehensive benefits, the lower of human resources costs, the enhancement of our employees’ operating environment, and the great maximization for the safety & environment-protection & effectiveness production.