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Xingfa Group Have Been Listed in the Top 500 Companies Published by Fortune China for 3 Consecutive Years

July 25, 2014

Currently the Top 500 Chinese Companies have already been published by Fortune China, for which Xingfa Group has also ranked the 399th among these top 500 lists, which have ascended by 8 rankings from the 407th in 2013.

Xingfa Group has already been ranked in these lists for a 3-consecutive-year, except for other 12 enterprises or companies from Hubei Province. Data showed, in 2012, it was the 1st time that Xingfa Group stepping-into the Top 500 Chinese Companies published by Fortune China with 481 ranking; in 2013, ranking again with 407 ranking; while in 2014, it was the 3rd time that Xingfa Group showing in this Lists. The Top 500 Chinese Companies published by Fortune China consists of the biggest-scale 500 companies or enterprises among Chinese Listed Companies, whose threshold is gradually higher and higher year-by-year, therefore, the phenomena of “stepping-in or out” as well as “the rankings going-up or down” are ubiquitious for the sake of different performances or profits conducted by all these China domestic enterprises or companies.

In recent years, with the continuous going-down World Economy, the fasting adjusting-paces upon China domestic economic structures, the sever surplus in Phosphates production-capacity, most of Chinese Phosphates Chemicals Manufacturers are confronting with operational difficulties with huge losses. During these “winter” periods, Our Group have already conducted means & countermeasures on the basis of the principles of slowing-down construction paces and improving the operational profits, for which we have especially paid attention to the implementation of management-strengthening, structure-optimizing and profits-enhancing; for which we have timely conducted a batch of projects or programs which is less-in-invested, shorter-in-cycle, and faster-in-effectiveness instead of those of more-in-invested, longer-in-cycle, and slower-in-effectiveness; for which we have also eyed on our integrated operational profits by the improvement of functional devices or facilities; for which we have already focused-on the construction of Yidu Xingfa Chemicals Eco-industrial Park (fertilizers series); for which we have also emphasized on the key projects (expansion versions) of Water Treatment Chemical (Organophosphorus), and Organosilicon Monomer located in Yichang Xingfa Fine-chemicals Industrial-park. When completed, there are of great significance for Our Group’s stable & processing development.

In the meantime, in one hand, Our Group has already spared no efforts to supervise on the management of non-productive expenditures, for which to organize our employees to launch all kinds of activities in the theme of costs management; for which currently we are launching ERP programs which is aiming at lowering our operational costs and acquiring profits from management activities, in another hand, Our Group has also strived for the promotion of technology innovations, recently more than 20 new products have already been published and put into utilization in total which is well expanded our integrated industrial-chains.