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Xingfu Electronic Parts & Materials Passed the Auditing for Suppliers Regulated by Coca Cola

February 20, 2014

Recently the Coca-Cola Company (one of the biggest beverage enterprises worldwide) officially announced that Hubei Xingfu Electronic Parts & Materials Co., Ltd. (one of Xingfa Group’s subsidiaries, located in Yichang Park, too) to be one of its qualified suppliers after strict examination & auditing.

It is the general knowledge that the Coca-Cola Company is one of the biggest beverage enterprises worldwide, established in 1886 with its headquarters located in Atlanta, US, which is holding 48% beverage market shares around the world, including more than 160 different kinds of beverage-brands in more than 200 countries or regions, such as soft drinks, sports drinks, milk drinks, juices, teas, and coffees and so on, there is especially worthwhile of mentioning that who carbonated beverages series have always been catching on worldwide. Phosphoric Acid is regarded as the 3rd most-utilized food-additive only second to Carbonic Acid and Caramel which is mainly used for the acidulant, while the Coca-Cola Company is also regarded as the biggest amounts of Phosphoric Acid (Food Grade) among worldwide beverage industry.

Since May, 2012, in order to enter-into the Coca-Cola Company’s supply-chains, Xingfu Co., applied for its Certification System of FSSC22000 Food-safety and then passed smoothly. In order for its strict requirements for all suppliers fully complied with local laws or regulations, Xingfu Co., has separately accepted 3 times of examinations & auditing upon the social responsibilities conducted the independent third-party auditing agency in Dec., 2012, in Jun., 2013 and in Sep., 2013 respectively and then being honored as “Green Factory” finally. There is also worth mentioning that whose quality-auditing is most strictly, Xingfu Co., efforts for this “green card” lasted for one-year from the 1st application letter to be handed-in in Dec., 2012 to passing the auditing.

As one of the representatives for China domestic high-purified Phosphoric Acid (85%), in recent two years we have gradually acquired our customers’ acceptance and confidence by aiming at the satisfaction upon the requirements called from 2 international famous brands, they are IC Maker and high-end Food & Beverage Manufacturers on the basis of quality-improving, management-normalizing, and quantity-stabling. this success shall be attributed to all our employees, all these efforts and trying, which is regarded as the one of the most-significant steps for entering-into high-end Phosphoric Acid (Food Grade) market.