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Xingfa Group Won the Honor of “the Best Management Team in Public-praise Notice among China’s Listed Companies”

December 02, 2013

In Nov., 29, 2014, Chengdu City, China, the 3rd session of Leaders’ Summit on Chinese Listed Companies was held by Daily Economic News and China National Financial Information Center affiliated with the Xinhua News Agency, there is worthwhile of mentioning that Xingfa Group won the honor “the Best Management Team among China’s Listed Companies” when referring to the event of “the Public-praise Notice among China’s Listed Companies in 2013”.

As we all knows, this Summit has already been held for 2 times in Shanghai and Shenzhen respectively, which is been recognized as one of the most influential & representing Communication Platforms by China Capital Markets. This session of Summit is focusing-on so many important issues & matters, for which the issue of innovation-in-capital and the upgrading-paths of Chinese Listed Companies being discussed; for which the exploration for the upgraded-version of Chinese Capitals Market under the mega-trends of “Transformations & Upgrading, Revolutions & Innovation” in this field being widely talked-about; for which the striking-for the together-growing among Chinese Listed Companies, Securities, Funds, Investors and China Economics surrounding the theme of “Co-development between Chinese Capitals Market and China Economics” being kicked-around; for which more than 800 prominent businessmen and 419 Chinese listed companies & investment organizations attended this summit.