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Xingfa Group Won the Honor of “the Post-doctoral Research Center (permitted by Chinese Central Government)”

November 14, 2013

Recently, China National Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and Post-Doctor Regulatory Commission co-granted Xingfa Group the honor of the permission to set-up “Post-Doctoral Research Center”, where is the start-point for us to formally launch related works, which is also another Our Group’s “China National” Innovation-platform after being recognized as the series honors of “Enterprise Technology Center”, “China National High-tech Enterprise”, “China National Innovation-base for Technology-driving-trade”, and “China National Model for Technological-innovation”.

Since 1994, in accordance with requirements for the economic development, China’s government began to implement a trial on the permission of allowing several companies or enterprises to set-up their own “Post-Doctoral Research Center” on the basis of drawing lessons from developed-countries’ experiences, to be more specific, which means companies, enterprises, scientific research and production-oriented state-run institutions and special agencies have rights to recruit and then educate post-doctors for related research works after being permitted by Chinese Central Government. This time there are 32 excellent units or enterprises in Hubei Province were being allowed to do so. Take this as an opportunity, Our Group will further promote our construction upon Technologic-innovation Systems relying-on the integration of all parties’ resources and advantages, the deepening for Production-Colleges or Universities-Research Mechanism and the striking-for Technologic-innovation.