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Xingfu Electronic Parts & Materials Has Been Formally Chosen as One of the Suppliers for Global Foundries, the 2nd Silicon Wafer Manufacturer Worldwide

June 27, 2013

Recently, Xingfu Electronic Parts & Materials has been formally chosen as one of the suppliers (Phosphoric Acid, Tech Grade) for Global Foundries Semi-conductor LLC, the 2nd Silicon Wafer manufacturer worldwide.

It is reported that Global Foundries’ headquarters were located in Silicon Valley, California, US, which is the 1st semi-conductor manufacturer who owns global manufacturing bases in Dresden, Germany; in New York and Texas, US; in Singapore (GF, a manufacturing company owned by it). In May, 2011, we conducted the 1st contact with them by sending samples for their trial-use which was been recognized as qualified; since Feb., 2012, Global Foundries has continuously conducted the work of the authentication upon Xingfu Co.,’s Qualifications & production-capacity lasting for 15 months, involving 16 topics & 213 specific requirements, including our products’ processing-capacity, quality-testing, quality-guaranteeing, data-analysis and continual improvement; in order to pass this auditing & authentication smoothly, a special group had been established by Our Group which organized 4 especially auditing upon related topics, found and revised 294 non-conformance terms successively, and then handed-in specific the rectifying proofs and amounts of analyzing data; and finally, we made it.

In recent two years, in one hand, taking this Global Foundries’ auditing as an opportunity, Xingfu Co., is constantly adopting advanced international concepts in quality-management for the continuous promotion in our quality-management-level, which is of great significance for our market development; in another hand, we have also spared no efforts in our market development of high-end Phosphoric Acid, and this time we succeeded in stepping-into Global Foundries’ purchasing-chains marked the significant breakthrough in high-end Phosphoric Acid (Tech Grade) market.